What Dave does next after his phimosis treatment might shock you

Posted by Novoglan

5th Jan 2016

Dave was a 26 year old regular guy who had been in the Marines until a few months ago.

He was super-fit and really took care of his body by eating well and not doing drugs and only drinking alcohol in moderation. 

One evening during an intimate time with his girl friend, he felt a sharp and persistent pain from his foreskin. 

Dave had felt pain before, but this was really troubling him so he went to the local ER. Dave's pain was diagnosed as foreskin tear as a result of phimosis (tight foreskin). He'd had foreskin tightness for the past year.

The Doctors treated the tear and then suggested that he purchase the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Phimosis Treatment.

Dave started home treatment with the Novoglan kit a few weeks later.

Dave decided to stay on the treatment for 6 weeks so that his foreskin would become super loose. 

After finishing his treatment, Dave send the Novoglan team a photo of him with an apple inserted into his foreskin - now that was weird. He said - Thanks Novoglan - Foreskin is stretched and I couldn't be happier. An apple a day keeps the Doctors away. 

Sadly we can't show you the photo... but you could probably find it on Google - True story! Novoglan Stretching Foreskins at Home since 2004