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Complete Tight Foreskin Treatment for Phimosis - Why Choose the Novoglan Complete Foreskin Care Kit ???

Posted by Novoglan Tight Foreskin Treatment on

So you have a tight foreskin and you are wandering what is the best Novoglan treatment for you? 

That is a common question we get asked every day. 

To make life simple the team at Novoglan have created a very cost effective complete foreskin care bundle that includes the Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher Kit, Novoglan Cream, Soap & Personal Lubricant. The reason Novoglan bundled these products which provide a massive saving of over 30% is to make the choice easier.

Essentially  you use each product as follows:

Use the Novoglan Soap daily for 3 days prior to stretching. Just liberally apply around the groin and penis area and wash of in the shower. Once stretching treatment starts, leave the soap until after the stretching has finished and the foreskin is back to normal. The soap is then used again once or twice a week to maintain good foreskin and pubic region hygiene. 

The Novoglan Cream should be used twice daily from around 3 days prior to starting stretching treatment. Apply morning and night by rubbing a small amount all over the outside of the foreskin and massage in. Continue to use the cream twice daily during stretching treatment period but apply at least 1 hour before stretching. 

The Novoglan Personal Lubricant is used to reduce the risk of inflammation of the  foreskin during the treatment period over a few weeks. If you engage in any sexual activity, you can use the lubricant liberally to ensure maximum lubrication. Ideally, you should abstain from sexual activity during treatment, however, the lubricant should offer significant protection from friction when used liberally. 

Now we come to the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Kit. This Novoglan kit contains the Novoglan device and other items used during the treatment. The Novoglan Patented Balloon system uses well established skin tissue expansion method.    The Novoglan device should be used for 14 days and up to 30 days in some cases to ensure normal functioning of the foreskin. 

The Novoglan device can be used once or twice daily, however, twice daily usually brings faster and better results. 

So what are you waiting for,  you can save more than 30% off the normal price by order the Novoglan Complete Foreskin Care kit to treat phimosis and it comes with a full money back guarantee and full tracking on shipping*. 

* Subject to our T&Cs which are available on our website

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