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Novoglan UK NHS

Do you live in the UK and have a problem with your foreskin? Have you read about Novoglan and wanted to know more about whether or not Novoglan is available in the UK?The answer is yes - Novoglan is available in the UK via our International Online Store Novoglan Online Store UK.When you purchase [...]

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Novoglan Canada

Do you live in Canada and have a problem with your foreskin? Have you read about Novoglan and wanted to know more about whether or not Novoglan is available in Canada?The answer is yes - Novoglan is available in Canada via our International Online Store Novoglan Online Store Canada.When you purchase  Novoglan Products from our online [...]

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Foreskin Stretching

Foreskin stretching is used to treat phimosis (a tight foreskin) or for the preferential loosening of a foreskin. The foreskin, like all skin can be stretched extensively and their are many document cases of foreskins that have been stretched to two to three time the natural circumference. Regardless of the reason for  needing to stretch ones foreskin, the [...]

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Foreskin Oil - 25% Discount

Does a dry or cracked foreskin or penis cause you anxiety, discomfort or interfere with your day to day activities and relationships? Now there is a solution that can be used in the privacy of your own home.Dry or Cracked Foreskin or Penis?Need a fast simple discrete solution?Does a dry or cracked foreskin or penis make [...]

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Phimosis Treatment Cream

The Customer Service Team and Novoglan receive hundreds of enquiries each week about Phimosis Treatment Cream or Cream to Treat a Tight Foreskin. So what is a phimosis treatment cream and how can a cream treat a tight foreskin. To understand why cream helps loosen a tight foreskin and treat phimosis, you need to understand two [...]

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Is Novoglan a Scam? Absolutely Not!

Every day I am asked if Novoglan is a joke or scam and everyday I explain the fact Novoglan certainly doesn't look | like a pretty product but it does work and it is approved for the treatment of phimosis | tight foreskin. It goes without saying, the product was initially developed as part of a research [...]

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Dougs Phimosis Treatment Story

My name is Doug and for 6 years I had phimosis. Here is my story on how I successfully treated my phimosis. Phimosis – gave me a tight foreskin. It started when I finished my Master Degree around year 1996. At first it was a nuisance, it occurred occasionally and meant that [...]

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Phimosis Treatment

I was recently asked by a colleague in the healthcare industry, "how do people know what key words they need to type into google or bing to get the answer that was most relevant". I have known this person for nearly 25 years and was always amazed at how he could ask such simple questions [...]

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Novoglan Video

The Official new Novoglan Video is now published. learn about what Novoglan does, how it works and which product combinations is best for you...

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Novoglan & Medical Device Regulations - why should you choose a government regulated device?

Medical devices are regulated in most countries. The degree and classification or regulation changes from country to country. A medical device is commonly defined as any manufactured goods designed to alter the anatomy, physiology, or biochemistry of a person. Most countries regulate medical devices based on a classification system. For example, a device that is used [...]

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