Phimosis Treatment

Phimosis Treatment - NOVOGLAN Trusted | Easy |  Lasting Treatment for a Tight Foreskin | Adult Phimosis Treatment.


Phimosis Treatment with Novoglan


NOVOGLAN is the only phimosis treatment stretching device that is independently evaluated by clinical experts to treat uncomplicated adult phimosis. You can now get a phimosis treatment in the privacy of your own home. NOVOGLAN means:


  • Comfortably stretch your foreskin
  • See lasting results faster than any device
  • Be able to expose your glans completely
  • Never be embarrassed again
  • Can be used in the privacy of your home
  • No more foul smells or odours
  • Prevent foreskin infections risks
  • No circumcision or surgery needed


Phimosis Treatment (Tight Foreskin Stretching) requires the following conditions to be met to be successful:


  • gentle pressure

  • even pressure

  • regular daily or twice daily stretching

  • stretch for as long as possible each time

  • use a foreskin cream or steroid (reduce inflammation)

  • do not tear or cut the foreskin

  • avoid steal retractors with claims of "fast" stretching


NOVOGLAN Adult Phimosis Treatment is backed by our generous Money Back Guarantee, 5 year Warranty and 100% Privacy Guarantee. NOVOGLAN is shipped discreetly in a white mailer bag direct to you. NOVOGLAN can be purchased as either :


See our video on Novoglan Phimosis Treatment for more details: