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Patented Non-Surgical Class 1 Medical Device. Easy 3 Step Phimosis Foreskin Treatment.  

Stop Suffering - Novoglan is a powerful, painless & permanent phimosis treatment! 

All kits now ship with the revolutionary new squeeze bulb system for even easier use.

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Many men suffer in silence due to the discomfort and pain associated with a tight foreskin (phimosis). Not being able to retract the foreskin fully due to a tight foreskin, not only causes physical discomfort, but for many it can impact sexual enjoyment, self-confidence and general well being.

"novoglan fixed my tight foreskin" - Geoff, Denver USA

All too often men with a tight foreskin are told that their only option is circumcision, which can be painful and expensive. Not to mention that the loss of the foreskin can result in a significant reduction in sensation & feelings during sexual activity as well as the known risks of infection and severe scaring. Unless an urgent circumcision is medically indicated then the ethical and sensible approach should be gentle stretching of the foreskin to relieve phimosis | tight foreskin problems.  

"I knew adult circumcision would cause me pain & loss of sensation. I wanted to keep  my foreskin. Novoglan saved my foreskin." - Robert, London UK

Foreskin stretching is now considered to be the most ethical and appropriate initial treatment pathway for most men with phimosis | tight foreskin. 

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Now is the time to treat your tight foreskin & get rid of phimosis once and for all.

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Novoglan has helped tens of thousands of men all over the world keep their foreskin, avoid costly and risky surgery, maintain a healthy foreskin and glans and enjoy life with a normal retracting foreskin. Please see Doug’s story in our blog and learn about how he overcame phimosis or review Novoglan testimonials from some of our customers like Zac from New York.

"I'm writing this message to let novoglan know that I ordered the Novoglan Products. I've had phimosis (tight foreskin) all my life and never truly was able to function at my full potential nor be as confident in myself. Novoglan, you saved me!!! That's all I can really say is you truly saved me. I'm no longer in agony and despair. I'm treated and normal. Thank you" Zac, New York

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