Phimosis Cream Over The Counter

Phimosis Cream

Novoglan recognises the importance of addressing phimosis, a condition that causes the foreskin to become tight and difficult to retract. We recommend the use of phimosis creams as part of an effective treatment plan. These creams can be purchased over-the-counter or prescribed as steroids, and they are critical in reducing inflammation, promoting skin cell growth, and stretching. By alleviating inflammation, phimosis creams facilitate the foreskin's expansion, resulting in improved elasticity and function.

However, we understand that phimosis cream alone is not enough. It should always be combined with gentle foreskin stretching techniques for optimal results. That's why our Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment Foreskin Expander Kit is designed to complement the use of phimosis creams, providing a comprehensive and safe solution for individuals struggling with this condition.

Novoglan is dedicated to offering high-quality products that promote the restoration of normal foreskin function and overall genital health. By recommending phimosis creams and providing the necessary tools for proper stretching techniques, we aim to make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by phimosis.