Understanding Phimosis - Your Guide

Understanding Phimosis - Your Guide

Posted by NOVOGLAN Men's Health

14th Dec 2023

Understanding and Managing Adult Phimosis

This comprehensive chapter, enriched with references and suggested readings, provides an in-depth understanding of phimosis, its management, and the implications of various treatments, essential for anyone seeking detailed knowledge on this topic.

The Role of the Foreskin

The foreskin is a vital component of the male genitalia, serving multiple functions. It provides protection, enhances sexual sensitivity, and contributes to overall sexual pleasure. Rich in nerve endings, the foreskin plays a crucial role in sexual sensation, maintaining the glans in a moist, soft state, which is essential for sexual pleasure.

Benefits of the Foreskin

The foreskin's benefits extend beyond protection and sensation. It acts as a natural lubricant during sexual intercourse, reducing friction and potentially enhancing the sexual experience for both partners.

Diseases and Conditions of the Foreskin and Glans

Various conditions can affect the foreskin and glans, including infections, inflammations like Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO), and phimosis. These conditions can significantly impact a man's sexual health and hygiene.

Introduction to Phimosis

Phimosis, often misunderstood and overlooked, is characterized by the inability of the foreskin to retract fully over the glans penis. This condition can occur at any age but is particularly significant in adulthood due to its implications on sexual and general hygiene.

What is Phimosis?

Phimosis manifests as a condition where the foreskin cannot be retracted. It is classified into grades based on severity, from full retraction to, slight difficulty in retraction then onto to complete non-retractability.

The different grades of phimosis

Causes of Phimosis

Phimosis can arise from congenital conditions, scarring, BXO, or poor hygiene, leading to further complications.

Adult Phimosis and Sexual Health

In adults, phimosis can significantly impact sexual health and enjoyment. It can lead to discomfort during intercourse, contribute to infections, and affect psychological well-being.

Complications and Uncomplicated Phimosis

Phimosis can present without complications or may be complicated by infections, BXO (Lichen sclerosus), scarring, adhesions, or other skin conditions, requiring specialized treatment.

Treatment Options

Treatment varies based on severity and complications:

  • Non-Surgical Treatments: Include topical steroids, stretching exercises, and improved hygiene practices. However, the efficacy of topical steroids is often questioned due to limited supporting evidence.
  • Surgical Treatments: Circumcision and preputioplasty are considered, especially in severe cases.
  • Innovative Clinically Proven Treatments: The Novoglan Phimosis Treatment, with over 90% effectiveness and excellent safety, utilizes skin tissue expansion techniques to create healthier, more pliable foreskin.

how does Novoglan increase foreskin tissue and make the foreskin looser and easier to retract?

How Novoglan Works

Novoglan uses a specialized medical-grade balloon to stretch the skin for 30 minutes daily over a 6-week period. This process, based on well-understood principles of tissue expansion used in various medical treatments, leads to the development of new, healthier foreskin with improved blood flow and suppleness.

How Novoglan is inserted under the foreskin.

Circumcision: Past and Present

Circumcision, historically performed for religious or cultural reasons, is now scrutinized under modern ethical standards, especially in routine infant circumcision. In adults, circumcision to treat phimosis should be a well-informed decision, considering non-surgical options like Novoglan in suitable cases.

Doctor-Patient Discussion

Treatment for phimosis should involve a thorough discussion between the doctor and patient, with the patient well-informed about the disease, treatment options, and the pros and cons of each option. For some men, non-surgical options may not be suitable, and surgery might be necessary.


Phimosis is a significant condition impacting men's quality of life. Understanding its aspects is crucial for effective management. The Novoglan Phimosis Treatment offers a promising alternative to traditional methods, enhancing sexual health and quality of life. The foreskin plays a vital role in sexual activity, and its preservation should be considered seriously, especially in decisions regarding routine infant circumcision.

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