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Novoglan Video

The Official new Novoglan Video is now published. learn about what Novoglan does, how it works and which product combinations is best for you...

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Novoglan & Medical Device Regulations - why should you choose a government regulated device?

Medical devices are regulated in most countries. The degree and classification or regulation changes from country to country. A medical device is commonly defined as any manufactured goods designed to alter the anatomy, physiology, or biochemistry of a person. Most countries regulate medical devices based on a classification system. For example, a device that is used [...]

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Circumcision, Intactavism and Intactavists - What does it all mean?

Many experts believe that bronze aged humans noticed the problem of phimosis, and the risk of infection and other side effects, and decided that the best way to manage the problems was through removal of the foreskin. It is postulated that through a process of trial and error they determined that the best time to [...]

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Novoglan Oil "Sensiderm Oil" - Oil for your foreskin and penis

Have you ever experienced a dry or cracked foreskin or penis? If you have you know how demoralizing and unpleasant such a condition can be. If you have been brave enough to go to a doctor they will tell you try a moisturizer or even try a steroid. Most of the time, this does not help. So, [...]

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​Gentle Foreskin Stretching - Why Gentle Foreskin Stretching is Better.

Let's start this blog by having a look at the science behind skin stretching. For some time scientists have understood that the best way to stretch skin is on the gentle regular even pressure. The idea that you can stretch skin aggressively without causing damage was ruled out by scientists 50 years ago.So just discovered [...]

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Novoglan Blogs - Whats' Coming Up Next

In coming weeks, we will address topics such as:Circumcision, Intactavism and Intactavists - what does it all mean?Cleaning Foreskin - how to clean a foreskinTight Foreskin | Phimosis - what is a tight foreskin and how to treat itGentle Foreskin Stretching - why gentle foreskin stretching is betterSkin Stretching - how does skin stretchMedical Device Regulations - why should you choose [...]

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Circumcision - what is it and when should you have it done

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin around the entire “circum”ference of the penis shaft. It is a form of amputation of a specialised set of cells designed to protect the glans and generate excitement during sexual activity.Circumcision, it is believed, was originally conducted by ancient humans to treat phimosis and related infections. It is proposed that living in [...]

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The Foreskin - what is it and why is it important?

The foreskin is a specialised set of cells designed to protect the glans of the penis and to ensure that sexual activity generates sufficient stimulation and excitement to maintain an erection, vital for reproduction and good mental health.Scientists have proven beyond any doubt that the foreskin plays an important role in the protection of the glans of the penis. [...]

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Tight Foreskin Stretcher - CEO of NOVOGLAN

CEO Andrew James talks about NOVOGLAN...

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