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Tight Foreskin Causing You Problems? Looking for an Approved Treatment?

Posted by Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher on

Is a tight foreskin causing you problems such as discomfort, sexual difficulties or just interfering with your normal well being? You are not alone. A tight foreskin, referred to as phimosis by doctors, is a relatively common condition with up to 5% of intact men suffering from the condition in the past 5 years. The foreskin is a vital part of the human anatomy and apart from protecting the soft smooth skin of the glans, it also plays a key role in sexual stimulation and sensation. Historically, religious and cultural customs meant that amputation of the foreskin was a common occurrence.

In more recent times, scientists and ethicists have realised that the foreskin is akin to an eye lid and plays an important part in the protection of the glans, and your partners vagina during sex, as well providing most of the sensation during sex.

Sadly, many doctors training has lagged behind these changes and rely on old training that required them to refer men with a tight foreskin to a urological surgeon.

Surgeons are trained in surgery and they usually perform circumcision or some other surgery on the foreskin. Modern medical ethics requires doctors to do no harm and as such the ethical standard of treatment for a tight foreskin is to prescribe gentle foreskin stretching using scientifically established principles of skin stretching.

Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher uses patented medical balloons easily inserted under the foreskin, to stretch the foreskin gently over time.

Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher, will gently stimulate new skin cells and will grow the size of the foreskin allowing it to retract normally without discomfort. With our simple 365 Day money back guarantee T & Cs you have a no risk way of treating your tight foreskin and fixing your phimosis at home in just a few short weeks.

Most men will get a permanent fix to the condition, for a few men, they will need a re-stretch once or twice a year to keep the foreskin healthy.

We offer a comprehensive customer support program and can respond to any questions to ensure you get a great result as quickly as possible.

So don't delay, get your tight foreskin solution now and get back to enjoying life and having good sex. For a 10% discount on your order - use the coupon code W8S281CXV03V5 but hurry, this offer is only available for the next 3 days to readers of this blog.

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You are Worth It!

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