Dry or Cracked Foreskin a Problem? Foreskin Oil is the Answer

Posted by Novoglan

4th Sep 2015

Are you sick and tired of having a dry, cracked or saggy foreskin or penis? You may have even forgotten what a healthy foreskin and penis feels and looks like. It should be smooth and silky, it's as simple as that. Smooth and silky. If so, then I know exactly what you're going through.

If you're like most people, you probably know what it's like to live with a dry, cracked or saggy foreskin or penis. It's not nice and it can be downright irritating and sometimes the discomfort becomes painful.

Frustrated and embarrassed, you end up feeling down and depressed because when our penis or foreskin is not healthy it impacts our whole sense of well-being.

Until recently, the only way to break free from this cycle of discomfort and pain was to apply petroleum based products, which are smelly and have uncertain long-term health outcomes or costly and often in-effective medications or surgery.

However the big problem with these options is that you rarely get good lasting relief and you are often left with a foul smell and significant residue.

That's why today, we're thrilled to announce the global release of our award winning Novoglan Sensi-Derm Foreskin Oil. With over 20,000 units sold in the pre-global launch phase, the feedback has been so positive we know we have a block buster on our hands.

My name is Andrew James and for the past 20 years I have been a health technology expert designing and developing products and solutions to meet the needs of people just like you. With my team of PhD Medical Scientists and related experts, we have a core focus on developing products for men, especially for good foreskin and penis health.Our Novoglan Brand of products is recognized all over the world as the most trusted brand in foreskin stretching and the treatment of phimosis.

As the name suggests, the Novoglan Sensi-Derm Foreskin Oil is sensitive to the very delicate dermal skin of the foreskin and penis. The unique formulation has taken several years to perfect and all ingredients are sourced from sustainable organic origins. The product contains highly filtered and stabilised extracts of Neem Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Avocado Oil, as well as Pro-Vitamin A (alpha & beta), Vitamin E, Omega 3, and Co-Enzyme Q10. The formulation has taken several years to perfect and is now perfect for use in the privacy of your own home. The powerful anti-oxidants combined with soothing essential oils provide a protective coat over the skin of the penis and foreskin. When used over 7 days, once daily, the results will be self evident and will seriously astonish you. Your skin will feel revitalised, soft, free from dryness and cracking and any associated pain and discomfort. There are no odours and any excess foreksin oil can be gently wiped off. The ideal place to add the oil is in the shower or at anytime in the evening.

Using the Novoglan Sensi Derm Oil is simple and easy. Just apply a very small amount, as the oil is super-concentrated, and gently rub into the penis and foreskin. The oil can be gently massaged into the foreskin. Its as simple as that. Just gently wipe off any excess oil with a damp cloth.

Here's just a small number of benefits your will realize within minutes of using the foreskin oil. * Dry skin will feel moist again

* Cracked skin will feel smooth

* Saggy skin will feel natural and silky

* the foreskin will look and feel healthy again

The response to Novoglan Sensi Derm Foreskin Oils limited release has been incredible. Here's just a few of the hundreds of comments I've received from people around the world:


"This foreskin oil is truly amazing - my cracked foreskin was gone in 3 days and it was easy using the oil too" Phil - Pennant Hills


"Marvellous - simply marvellous is all I can say. What a wonderfully helpful product" Nick - Cromer Heights -----

"10 out of 10, I would pay big dollars for this product - my dry and cracked skin are gone and so is the pain! Doug - North Sydney


Now you may be wondering how much Novoglan Sensi Derm Foreskin Oil is going to be. And that's a fair question considering most medications or super high end products cost more than $US 80. and usually require ongoing use to manage the problem. However, the reason we created Novoglan Sensi Derm Foreskin Oil, was to help men just like you. We want every man with a dry, cracked or saggy foreskin to have this life changing product and we want it to be readily available to EVERYONE who needs it.

And so for a strictly limited time, if you grab your own tube of Novoglan Sensi Derm Foreskin Oil, you can get it for a special one-time investment of around $US 49. But Hurry, as demand for the product sky rockets as we launch globally, prices will rise to $US79. So if you're looking for peace of mind and ensure you have a smooth healthy foreskin, then just click the add to cart button on the Novoglan Sensi Derm Product Page on our website - www.store.platigosolutions.com

In fact, I'm so confident that Novoglan Sensi Derm Foreskin Oil will work for you, that if you don't get a silky smooth foreskin within the first week of using it, just send me an email and I'll refund you the purchase price, no questions, no hassles.

If the fear of embarrassment has held you back from getting your problem foreskin fixed...

The good news is that you can trust Novoglan Sensi Derm Foreskin Oil as it made by the most trusted Foreskin Care Health provider globally. It takes just 7 days to get a silky smooth healthy foreskin.

Just image how good you feel when after the first application of Novoglan Sensi Derm Foreskin oil, you can feel and see your foreskin just the way nature intended. Smooth and Silky.

So go to the Novoglan Sensi Derm Product page and order your product now and enjoy the benefits of a natural smooth and silky foreskin.