Dougs Phimosis Treatment Story

Posted by Novoglan

18th Apr 2014

My name is Doug and for 6 years I had phimosis. Here is my story on how I successfully treated my phimosis.

Phimosis – gave me a tight foreskin. It started when I finished my Master Degree around year 1996. At first it was a nuisance, it occurred occasionally and meant that I couldn’t retract my foreskin all the time. One evening when my girlfriend at the time were having sex, my foreskin tore and I screamed out so loud, she started crying. It caused my flatmates to raise into my room to check everything was OK. Things were never the same and the relationship broke down after a few more weeks.

I focused my self on my job and got a promotion within 6 months and was happy except for the fact that my foreskin was not working properly and I would get small tears whenever I became aroused. In the late 90s I traveled to Japan for work and was stationed there for 3 months. In that time I met a beautiful Japanese girl and we became friends and the relationship transcended into much more within a few weeks. However, after a couple of positive romantic encounters, I tore my foreskin again badly and could’t have face the pain and shame of telling this wonderful girl my problem. I left Japan to return home to Australia and I stayed in contact with my new friend. I decided that I should see a doctor about my phimosis.

My Doctor told me that I could try some specially formulated skin conditioning cream, and manual stretching and if that didn’t work, then the only option was surgery, circumcision. I tried the cream for a month and got a little success. My girlfriend came to visit me in Australia and things went well until my foreskin got caught round the shaft and wouldn’t move. It was terribly embarrassing as my girlfriend had to call an ambulance and went with me to the emergency room. They undertook many embarrassing things and I had the indignity of multiple people prodding and squeezing and pulling and pushing my manhood which was shrivelled up into a blue flap of skin.

I was so traumatised by this process that I didn’t feel I could continue to the relationship and I ended it at the airport, and I felt so low and depressed about the whole thing.

It took another 5 years of self loathing and bouts of depression before I was to discover something that changed my life. My Doctor had told me of a company that was making a little balloon foreskin stretcher for phimosis. he didn’t know much more about and he showed me the website. Later that day I looked it up and throwing caution to the wind I ordered the kit. After a few days I wandered if I had done the right thing but realised that I didn’t really have a choice.

I arrived home from work on Friday evening to find a small white padded envelope in my large post box. It had no markings on it and just me name and address and a return address. My heart started to pound a little faster as I realised this was probably my parcel. I went inside put my work stuff on the table in the hall, emptied out my pockets and sat down to open this curious little parcel.

I opened the parcel and found a small kit with a balloon and device and a plunger and a few other items. I read the instructions and thought this will be interesting. I went into my bedroom, had a shower and then put on some casual clothes and began to play with this funny looking device. Within 2 minutes I had inserted the balloon inside my foreskin and had pumped air into the balloon and locked the air in. My foreskin had clearly stretched a little. I left the balloon in 1 position for 10 minutes and then moved it slightly and kept it their for another 10 minutes or so.

The next morning, I woke up and started the procedure again and then the same in the afternoon and repeated the procedure each morning and night. After five days, something had changed. My foreskin started to move back and forth without pain or discomfort. It was still a little tight but much less so. I was getting happier and happier with each passing day. After 10 days I had a foreskin that working so well it was like I had forgotten about my years of despair. My whole attitude had changed and I was already flirting with girls again and low and behold on the Saturday evening just two weeks after I started using the foreskin stretching balloon, I hooked up with a girl at a party and we enjoyed an amazing night and morning and afternoon and Sunday dinner.

You will be pleased to know that I ended up marrying that wonderful girl and we now have 3 kids and life is good and I have not had any more problems. As means of ensuring my foreskin health I put a small amount of special cream, the same company supplies this, and I use the their lubricant and soap designed for men with sensitive foreskin. This simple regimen of adding cream takes twenty seconds each morning, the lube as used as needed, and I use the soap 2 to 3 times a week to keep things clean and fresh.

It is nearly 8 years since I had phimosis and I have never looked back. I wrote story and sent it to the Company that changed my life and told them they can use this as a case study for any man who has phimosis and doesn’t know what to do.

The Company is Platigo Solutions and the Brand is Novoglan. Novoglan products treated my phimosis, helps to keep my foreskin healthy and overall has change my life for the better. I give the company and the products a 5 out of 5 and am happy to tell my story about Novoglan Phimosis Treatment so that other guys can feel confident that it is worth the small investment.

Doug, Sydney Australia.