Phimosis Treatment Cream

Phimosis Treatment Cream

Posted by Novoglan

12th May 2014

The Customer Service Team and Novoglan receive hundreds of enquiries each week about Phimosis Treatment Cream or Cream to Treat a Tight Foreskin. So what is a phimosis treatment cream and how can a cream treat a tight foreskin. 

To understand why cream helps loosen a tight foreskin and treat phimosis, you need to understand two things:

1) the underlying cause of common uncomplicated phimosis,


2) the active ingredient in the cream and how it works.

So lets look at the underlying cause of common uncomplicated phimosis first. This type of phimosis or common tight foreskin is usually caused by inflammation of the foreskin. This can be due to an infection, injury or insult to the skin. Things like laundry detergent, certain soaps, dyes in underwear, yeast, wet cotton clothes and a whole lot of other factors can trigger the body to mount an inflammatory response. This is where large numbers of immune cells rush to the area that the body thinks needs healing and it causes swelling and tenderness in most cases. 

When a man gets inflammation in the foreskin it usually results in tightening of the foreskin. When this inflammation becomes chronic so to does the phimosis or tight foreskin. This means that retracting the foreskin is problematic. 

Now if we look at the active ingredient in the Novoglan Cream, we find it contains Oil of Neem. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that has been traditionally used for many years to to treat inflamed skin. The Oil must be handled with great care during manufacture to ensure that its potency is  maintained. The Novoglan Cream has been specifically formulated to work on the sensitive skin of the penis and foreskin. 

So put simply, Novoglan Cream works by reducing inflammation and allowing the skin to settle down. As a bonus, Oil of Neem is a potent antimicrobial agent and kill fungi, yeast, bacteria and virus on contact. Thereby reducing the risk of continued infection. 

Novoglan Phimosis Treatment cream helps to soothe a tight foreskin and and kill microbes allowing stretching of the foreskin to be more effective. For more information visit:

Novoglan Cream

To reduce the risk of future phimosis you can also use Novoglan Soap with Oil of Neem to protect the foreskin and keep it freer from unwanted microbes and reduce risk of inflammation.