Phimosis Treatment

Phimosis Treatment

Posted by AEJ001

15th Apr 2014

I was recently asked by a colleague in the healthcare industry, "how do people know what key words they need to type into google or bing to get the answer that was most relevant". I have known this person for nearly 25 years and was always amazed at how he could ask such simple questions that can leave you thinking for days afterwards.

After a few days I began to realise that we now take google and bing and other search engines for granted and assume that they  will do the hard yards for us. All we needed to do was be on the dart board so to speak, and the search engines will get us near to the bulls eye. I began to do a little digging and noticed that if I typed in the key word "phimosis treatment" into google, I was overwhelmed by volumes of information, and much of it was in fact irrelevant. This flew in the face of everything I had understood to be true about search engines, or so I thought. 

I started to dig a little deeper and noticed that the sites that claimed the top spots used very powerful cross linking and back-linking techniques. They were often associated with massive search engine optimisation campaigns that  overwhelmed the search engines algorithms and made sure that they were firmly in the top positions even though they did not deliver me with relevant content. They were health information behemoths that sold advertising space to companies based on search engine traffic coming to their pages. 

So, if you type in the term "phimosis treatment" because you are looking for a genuine, effective and reliable device to actually treat phimosis - you should find Novoglan on top because Novoglan is the number one product world wide. However, Novoglan does not appear in the top results for those key words. 

So the answer to my colleagues question is this - "they know the key words as a result of several repeated searches that resulted in some reading and some refinement until they worked out which precise key words would deliver them an acceptable answer - in most cases". 

# 1 Rated Phimosis Treatment

In the end, we all need to understand that when it comes to search engines, we  need to refine our searches based on each new bit of information we pick up. An experienced user may start out with the keywords "phimosis treatment" and end up with keywords like "Novoglan" or "Phimosis Treatment Products" or "Tight Foreskin Stretching Kit" as result of reading a few different web pages. 

If you get the chance, drop us a line and let us know what key word was used to find this blog page, it will be most interesting...


 Andrew James (Novoglan)