Novoglan Tight Foreskin Treatment | Phimosis Treatment at Home

Posted by Novoglan

1st Sep 2015

Are you fed up with a tight foreskin that doesn't retract or gets stuck?

If so, then I know exactly what you're going through.

There's nothing more depressing than silently coping with a problem foreskin, knowing that a simple tear or stuck foreskin could cause an infection or require a visit to the emergency room. This could ruin a weekend away or cause disruption to your work or family schedule.

Even though you have put up with the problem for weeks or months you wish you could get it treated quickly without circumcision. You just can't hide the fact that your tight foreskin is getting you down and getting in the way of a happy life.

You feel there is no one to talk to, no one to tell about your problem and you are often left with a feeling of despair and emptiness. It had previously been the case that the only way to treat a tight foreskin was either through radical surgery, such as circumcision or with a ghastly medieval surgical skin retractor.

The problems with circumcision are many, including the complete loss of all the nerve endings in the foreskin (billions of them) that stimulate you during sexual activity as well as the fact that the surgery can cost thousands of dollars and has a very well-known and documented set of serious side effects.

The problem with the use of the archaic surgical skin retractors is that they were never designed to stretch and grow skin cells. They were designed to pull apart skin for surgical access. The use of these devices on the foreskin can lead to more serious tightening as well as tearing and pain and discomfort.

Today I can reveal what over 250,000 men worldwide have been talking about when it comes to treating their tight foreskin/ phimosis - without pain or discomfort and at home in just 14 days. That's right most men get a normal retracting foreskin within 14 days.

My name is Andrew James and along with my colleagues we help over 10,000 men each month make the best decision they can when it comes to managing their tight foreskin. I helped design Novoglan with two other PhD medical scientists to help with a persistent foreskin problem. We knew we were onto something very important when our early trials worked on 100% of subjects with a tight foreskin. The Novoglan Research team has now designed many products that are in use around the world, with the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher being the most trusted and used foreskin stretcher on the market.

Let's take a look at how Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Works. As the name suggests, the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher simply stretches the foreskin using gentle, even, and regular pressure across the foreskin. The pressure is controlled by the user and there is no pain or discomfort.

You control the whole process with ease. The gentle stretching stimulates the foreskin cells to divide and grow (which is known as mitosis) leading to a larger foreskin circumference. We use a custom designed and treated medical balloon that is inserted in between the foreskin and the glans. An air plunger inflates the inserted balloon to a comfortable pressure and a locking system holds the air in place. The specially treated balloon surface adheres to the foreskin and glans and stays in position for the duration of the stretch. So now you know how Novoglan works. Quite simple and easy to use.

When you receive your Novoglan kit you will be truly surprised at how simple and easy it is to use and how soon you will get good results. On average, your foreskin will be back to normal in just 14 days.

* Novoglan is simple and easy to use at home * Novoglan gets great results in just 14 days * Novoglan works well and provides long term results

* Novoglan stretching is controlled by the user

* No pain - no discomfort, no worries!

In the beginning we were overwhelmed by interest that we could not produce enough product. Now we have moved to a bigger facility we can well and truly meet massive demand for our products globally. We have men, wives, mothers, and partners writing to us every day, telling us of their delight and joy at fixing the problem tight foreskin.

Until recently we did very little advertising as the product demand was in excess of our capacity to meet the needs of so many men. Now we have the capacity for much greater volumes we are telling the whole world about Novoglan.

Now you may be wondering how much Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is going to be. And that's a fair question considering most other inferior treatments cost at least $US100 or more and surgery in the thousands of dollars.

However, because we have already been through that expensive development, patent, and regulatory processes, and we have very large volumes of sales globally, we have been able to keep the costs down for you.

And so for a strictly limited time, if you invest in your Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher kit, you will get free shipping, a free set of extra balloons all for the special one-time investment of just around $US80 for the standard Novoglan kit.

So if you're ready to make a change and finally get your tight foreskin fixed, just click the "Add to Cart" button you'll see below this video.

In fact, I'm so confident that the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher will work for you, that if you don't get great results within 14 days, we'll refund you the purchase price, no questions, no hassles.

Look, you've struggled to put up with this annoying tight foreskin for long enough. Fixing your tight foreskin can make a real and positive difference to your wellbeing and lifestyle.

You CAN finally break free from the pain and discomfort of a tight foreskin and rediscover the joy and happiness in life again, simply by purchasing your Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher today.

Picture right now the moment you achieve a normal fully retracting foreskin. You're looking happy, feeling healthy, your personal life will be booming, and you're surrounded by the love of your friends and family. Life will be great.

So grab your Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretching Kit start living life with confidence today.