15 Years Living With Phimosis - A Novoglan Customer Provides Feedback on his Treatment

Posted by Novoglan

22nd Feb 2016

Today we received a special thank you from one of our customers Steve. 

Steve had persistent phimosis for 15 years. He was advised circumcision was the answer.

Fortunately Steve found Novoglan. We've added Steve's comments into the Photo. He is one happy man. It is a testament to the fact that when you have a tight foreskin and you are motivated to keep your foreskin and all the benefits that come with it, you simply need to stretch your foreskin with gentle, even pressure on a daily basis. 

Some men will get results very fast, others like Steve will take 8 weeks. 8 weeks to get a normal functioning foreskin and he gets to keep it. 

We think that is a great outcome and mission complete. Another foreskin saved!

Steve said this about Novoglan:

"I used the Novoglan device nearly everyday for 8 weeks! For the first time in many years I can fully retract my foreskin and I am very happy. I no longer need surgery and things are good for me. Thank You! Novoglan. 

Steve is one example of thousands of men who have uncomplicated phimosis and decide they want to fix it without surgery.  Novoglan can be used for a few short weeks or for some men, they will need to use it for a longer period to ensure they grow more foreskin. 

Our mission at Novoglan is help men keep their foreskin and help them keep it healthy. As we say, with Steve it is mission accomplished.