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Before Novoglan, I tried skin / flesh tunnels and skin retractors. The skin retractors made me bleed and I could not get the flesh tunnels under the foreskin due to my pinhole phimosis. The Novoglan Balloon works with my pinhole phimosis and I achieved excellent results. Please use me as a reference if you like and I would be happy to be in any survey in the future. Thank You so much for all your help. * 

Malcolm, Bondi

I first tried the steel glans stretcher devices but my phimosis was pin hole like and I could not easily get the steel tips inside the hole and I tore my foreskin. It was so painful and so upsetting. However,  I found the NOVOGLAN balloon worked first time. It was easy to place inside my pin hole phimosis. I am so very happy now that I can fully retract my foreskin and I have no pain and my girlfriend is also happy. I wish I had found the NOVOGLAN product first but I found it in the end and I am so happy, I would recommend it to anyone with a tight foreskin. * 

Sean, Sydney


NOVOGLAN was my last hope before surgery. I was advised that my severe phimosis would require circumcision. I stumbled across this product on the web, and found the whole experience great from the start. A tip for newbies, get the extra balloon and extra-large plunger at the same time and save heaps on postage. My relief started within days, but took approx 3 weeks to get the full results. I am so happy, it's been 4 months and I am still happy. I have my foreskin intact and it is working like normal.*


I am Dave and I am 23 years old. My foreskin did not easily retract, although it was not so bad when I did not have an erection but when I have an erection my foreskin stayed over my glans and would not retract without a lot of effort and pain. Using your NOVOGLAN device has made such a huge difference - now when I have an erection my foreskin retracts and there is no pain! Both my girlfriend and I are very happy!! Thank you!*

Dave, United States

Many thanks for your great customer service and advice. I've only been using the NOVOGLAN device for a couple of days now and have already noticed an improvement in that I can partially retract my foreskin now- what a relief!* 

Chris, United Kingdom

Being in my mid-forties, I have suffered for many years with phimosis until I discovered your NOVOGLAN product. I used to have pain during sex and many infections, you know the drill.  I had discussed Circumcision and I knew that a circumcision was an option but I didn't want to lose my foreskin. I came across your product on the internet and talked to my health advisor again about using the NOVOGLAN.  I am so grateful to you! Finally I can fully enjoy sex with my wife again and I no longer get any pain.*

Andrew, United Kingdom

I never had a problem with my foreskin until a few years ago. Now that I am 32 I have noticed it has got much worse and I was encouraged to  get an operation - well, no way was I going to lose my foreskin! My girlfriend found the NOVOGLAN GFS on the net and ordered one for me! Wow what a difference only a couple of weeks can make. I can now pull back my foreskin the way it used to be. Thank you!*

John, Australia

... and I discussed two options, surgery or stretching. It was a no brainer for me as the NOVOGLAN was around $99 and the surgery was more than $3000. My foreskin works fine now and I saved around $3000. It's true that the product doesn't look beautiful but it sure does work. I'm happy for Platigo Solutions to use my testimonial.*

Raymond, United Kingdom

* Each Person is Different - Thus Results will vary from person to person.


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