stretching to fix tight foreskin phimosis

Stretching to Fix Tight Foreskin Phimosis


So you have a tight foreskin known as phimosis and you want to know about stretching to fix it?

The NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is the only medical device approved to stretch a tight foreskin to fix phimosis at home. NOVOGLAN has an excellent safety and effectiveness profile and is used by thousands of men every year to fix their tight foreskin in the privacy of their own home.

So why does NOVOGLAN work?

NOVOGLAN works by stretching a tight foreskin with phimosis, gently, evenly, regularly and across the whole foreskin. It uses distributive pressure across a wide area of foreskin. Foreskin cells that are not inflamed will stretch and grow new cells to increase the circumference of the foreskin, when a gentle regular, even load is applied across the whole foreskin.

NOVOGLAN uses a balloon that has been proven to sit in the correct position to apply the most effective pressure that can stimulate new foreskin cells to grow. When these new skin cells grow the diameter of the foreskin increase as does the circumference and therefore the foreskin is looser and retracts more effectively. You can go the page here  to see exactly how new skin grows to fix a tight foreskin phimosis.

So, if you want to stretch your foreskin safely and effectively to fix your phimosis, then use the NOVOGLAN gentle Foreskin Stretcher Kit with either the NOVOGLAN Foreskin stretching cream or a betamethasone steroid ointment.