NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant - 100mL

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NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant (100ml) is specifically formulated to be gentle on the foreskin and glans. With no fragrance, silicone or other man-made chemicals, this scientifically formulated water based personal lubricant is ideal for use on a regular basis to reduce the risk of inflammation of the foreskin during sexual activity which further reduces the risk of tightening of the foreskin in men susceptible to phimosis ( tight foreskin ).

Our research team are constantly working to enhance our products making them hypo (low) allergenic which means a reduced risk of inflammation which is a major cause of foreskin problems. The manufacturing process we use is designed to significantly maintain stability and hypo (low) allergenic state. NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant simulates the body’s own lubricants but when delivered in larger quantity ensures a safe and effective means of providing the lubrication you need whilst reducing friction and inflammation of your foreskin.

NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant is safe to use with all other NOVOGLAN products including the NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher.

So what's the difference between standard lubricant and NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant?

Many ordinary lubricants usually contain many nasty chemicals that increase irritation and risk of inflammation. These chemicals allow for a low cost means of achieving stability and increasing shelf life. The downside is that they increase the risk of side effects especially inflammation, which exacerbates a tight foreskin. NOVOGLAN supplies a hypo-allergenic water based lubricant. In addition, our formulation results in immediate lubrication and rapid reduction in friction, which is ideal for intimate occasions as well as foreskin stretching.


Testimonial - I have been using various lubricants for the best part of 10 years. My girlfriends have sometimes complained that they feel sore after sex. I purchased the Novoglan Complete Care Pack to treat a tight foreskin and it came with the Novoglan lubricant. That lubricant is awesome. Not only does it protect my foreskin but my girl friend loves it. It makes sure she is all lubed up and it is not sticky or messy. This stuff is awesome and I now buy the large size. Here's a tip, buy in bulk and get a discount. Jason C, New Jersey.

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Good Product

    Posted by Mike on 2nd Sep 2014

    This Lubricant works well and does not fell sticky. It works as they say - straight away.

  • 5
    Very Helpful

    Posted by John O on 11th Apr 2014

    Gents - a quick note of thanks and to tell you that your products are very helpful to guys like me with a tight and cracked foreskin.

  • 5
    Best Product Ever

    Posted by Noel on 17th Mar 2014

    This is the best product I have purchased. My Girlfriend is so happy...

  • 5
    What a difference

    Posted by Ian on 14th May 2012

    This is quite different to all the other lubes. It lubricates straight away and I only need one applications (usually). Before this i always had tears on my foreskin. I am no longer afraid of having intimacy with my partner and wish you every success. What a great product and excellent service by the way.

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