NOVOGLAN® Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment – Foreskin Expander Kit

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only clinically-proven treatment to beat all grades of phimosis without surgery
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NOVOGLAN® Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment – Foreskin Expander Kit

Powerful, Painless & Permanent Treatment

Class-1 Medical Device


The NOVOGLAN® foreskin expander device is the only clinically-proven treatment to beat all grades of phimosis without surgery (independent Urologist led clinicals trials reporting more than 90% effectiveness in patients treated).

Phimosis can be a highly debilitating condition, that can have a severe impact on the everyday lives of men, not just physiologically, but also psychologically - you don't have to suffer anymore nor is surgery the only viable treatment.

In a recent independent survey, 93% of patients^ reported the Novoglan foreskin expander device as effective in treating their respective phimosis conditions.

Only the patented Novoglan® treatment offers a painless and permanent solution to all grades of adult phimosis without surgery, so you can reclaim your lifestyle, live painlessly, intact and phimosis free – simple, effective at-home-treatment.

Stop Suffering Phimosis Now.

NOVOGLAN® Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment – Foreskin Expander Kit

What’s included in this one-time total treatment kit:

1 x patented NOVOGLAN® Foreskin Tissue Expander Device – clinically proven to treat phimosis in adults

4 x Novo-Inflator™ Silicone Stretching Balloons – engineered for highly sensitive foreskin & glans tissue

1 x NOVOGLAN® Balloon Insertion Guide Rod – for even the most severe Grade 1 or ‘pin-hole’ phimosis

1 x Stopcock tap system

1 x NOVOGLAN® Squeeze Bulb Inflator System

56 x NOVOGLAN® Cotton Foreskin Cleaning Buds

56 x NOVOGLAN® Balloon Cleaning Alcohol Swabs

1 x NOVOGLAN® Step by Step Instruction Sheet


Non-surgical treatment for all grades of Phimosis – clinically proven by independent leading Urologists

Simple 30 minutes daily treatment at home – see results in just weeks.

100% quality guarantee

Ships free with 100% delivery guarantee

Packaged discreetly with 100% privacy guarantee



 ^ Clinical Data from Novoglan PMS 2021 Random sample of 811 patients. See Gillatt & Chung AUU 2022 Abstract 


38 Reviews

  • 5
    cialis and adderall reddit

    Posted by CemoAtove on 25th Nov 2022

    Great product , I felt a stretch from the first day day and I was able to retract my foreskin again after 4 weeks. Would reccomend this to any one with phimosis

  • 5
    This product changed my life

    Posted by Allan on 20th Oct 2020

    Hi Novoglan!. My name is Allan and i would just like to write to you saying a huge thank you for your products. I never ever write reviews or comment about products, this is my first ever review on anything but i just had to write to you. Your products are incredible. I suffer from phimosis and was very subconscious about it when i discovered that I had the condition. After googling around it looked like circumcision was my only option which was something that was totally out of the question. Then i discovered your products. Quite bluntly they have been a life changer for me, they really work!. I have been using the stretcher and cream for 2 weeks and the results are amazing, so simple yet so effective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Cheers Allan

  • 5
    Novoglan saved my foreskin

    Posted by John on 13th May 2019

    Simply very happy. No surgery needed. 5 weeks of Novoglan and my phimosis is gone. Much better than surgery and no foreskin. Novoglan is a no brainer with the money back guarantee I had nothing to risk.

  • 5
    Phimosis Treated

    Posted by Gavin on 13th May 2019

    Started using Novoglan on March 2nd 2019 to treat my phimosis. By March 28 my foreskin was working normally. Excellent result, No surgery needed.

  • 5
    wanted to let yu know that I am impressed with how easy it is to use and how painless it is

    Posted by Larry on 13th Mar 2018 the NOVOGLAN kit and am on day 5 of stretching........just wanted to let yu know that I am impressed with how easy it is to use and how painless it is! I believe it is going to do as promised! thank you! Larry:-)

  • 4
    This Product Was Very Helpful

    Posted by Randal on 25th Jul 2016

    This product works and did the job of fixing my tight foreskin.

  • 5
    It worked!

    Posted by Tony L on 25th Jul 2016

    This worked for me. Thank goodnes... was getting desperate...

  • 5
    Novoglan Worked For Me

    Posted by Joseph on 15th Aug 2014

    Just a quick note to let you know that I used Novoglan for 3 weeks, twice a day and now my foreskin is retracting normally. Cheers!

  • 5
    Thank You

    Posted by John on 12th Apr 2014

    Please pass on my my big thank you to Andrew and Adam for helping me get my foreskin problem fixed. The product and service was great.