NOVOGLAN Extra Large Complete Care Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment

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Non-surgical treatment for all grades of Phimosis – clinically proven by independent leading Urologists
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NOVOGLAN Complete Care Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment (Extra Large Pack)

Permanent Treatment & Ongoing Foreskin Care

Class 1 Medical Device

NOVOGLAN® Complete Care Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment is a highly effective combination procedure kit that includes the clinically proven NOVOGLAN® Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment as well as a selection of NOVOGLAN® foreskin conditioning products to soothe, relieve and help maintain a healthy foreskin once Phimosis has been treated.  It is everything you'll need to reclaim your lifestyle, live painlessly, intact and phimosis free.

Phimosis can be an all-consuming medical condition, but you can overcome it with this clinically proven, simple, powerful, and painless treatment solution that you can use comfortably at home, without surgery. 93% of patients^ reported the Novoglan foreskin expander device as effective in treating their respective phimosis conditions.

Begin your Phimosis-free journey today.

What’s included in this  total treatment & ongoing care kit:

1 x patented NOVOGLAN® Foreskin Tissue Expander Device – clinically proven to treat phimosis in adults without surgery 
4 x Novo-Inflator™ Silicone Hi-Tech Stretching Balloons – precision engineered for effective treatment of all grades of adult phimosis 
1 x Novo-Inflator™ Insertion Guide Rod – for even the most severe Grade 1 or ‘pin-hole’ phimosis
1 x Stopcock tap system
1 x NOVOGLAN® Squeeze Bulb Inflator System
56 x NOVOGLAN® Cotton Foreskin Cleaning Buds
56 x NOVOGLAN® Balloon Cleaning Alcohol Swabs
1 x NOVOGLAN® Step by Step Instruction Sheet
1x NOVOGLAN® Foreskin Conditioning Cream 30mL - Soothes & relieves a sensitive foreskin
1x NOVOGLAN® Liquid Soap 50mL – Hygienically cleanses sensitive foreskin tissue
1x NOVOGLAN® Personal Lubricant 50mL – Helps to reduce the risk of foreskin irritation & phimosis recurrence



Non-surgical treatment for all grades of Phimosis – clinically proven by independent leading Urologists

Simple 30 minutes daily treatment at home – see results in just weeks.

Save up to 46% compared to the purchase of individual products

100% quality guarantee

Ships free with 100% delivery guarantee

Packaged discreetly with 100% privacy guarantee





  ^ Clinical Data from Novoglan PMS 2021 Random sample of 811 patients. See Gillatt & Chung AUU 2022 Abstract 


10 Reviews

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    Big is best

    Posted by Nathan, Auckland New Zealand on 28th Nov 2012

    The whole concept is excellent! I lived with a problem tight foreskin for many years and did not want to have a circumcision if it could be avoided. My Doctor suggested I consider using this Novoglan kit and when I spoke to the customer service person at Platigo they helped me with understanding what options existed. I like the Extra Large kit as it had larger sizes of the cream and soap as well as the extra large plunger - which I used. In fact, I found that the standard plunger worked for me for about 10 days and after that the extra large plunger worked a treat. I was able to retract after 15 days, however, I kept stretching for another two weeks and my foreskin is very loose and retracts fully now without problems. I am happy for anyone to contact me and ask any question, as I am 100% happy with Novoglan products and the customer team were very helpful.