Is Novoglan a Scam? Absolutely Not!

Posted by NOVOGLAN Customer Service

29th Apr 2014

Every day I am asked if Novoglan is a joke or scam and everyday I explain the fact Novoglan certainly doesn't look | like a pretty product but it does work and it is approved for the treatment of phimosis | tight foreskin. 

It goes without saying, the product was initially developed as part of a research and development project that resulted in a successful clinical treatment. Novoglan is not a scam, rather it is a serious and effective product that has undergone independent safety and fitness for purpose reviews by clinical urologists. 

Novoglan is not a pretty product and we can't argue with that. In fact, we use that fact as part of our marketing. It isn't pretty but it works. The simple fact is that Novoglan is a genuine medical device and is the product of research and development. It most certainly is not a scam and unscrupulous competitors have used certain Internet marketing techniques to post fake complaints by people who have never purchased the product. 

Google have advised that the net impact of fake scam notices actually increases traffic to our Novoglan site and has a bet positive effect on our business. However, we do think it is important to ensure that we stress at all times that Novoglan is not a scam and is very good product that is easy to use and has genuinely positive results for our customers and comes with generous conditions including a 5 year warranty and generous money back guarantee. 

Novoglan is shipped in a discreet white mailer bag without any company marks or logos. This assures your privacy and that is 100% guaranteed. 

The Novoglan site is regularly tested for mal-ware and suspicious files and teh Novoglan site is very safe to use. We treat our site just as importantly as we treat the safety of our customers. That is our first and most important priority. 

Please contact us of you have any questions about Novoglan and watch out for fake posts about scams.