how to fix tight foreskin

How to Fix Tight Foreskin

How to fix a tight foreskin - a common condition and a very common question. The answer is this:

A tight foreskin is caused by inflammation preventing skin cells from growing. As skin cells die off and are not replaced fast enough, skin becomes tighter. So what cause inflammation of the foreskin cells:

  • injury,
  • trauma,
  • disease,
  • illness,
  • overuse,
  • chemical 
  • drugs
  • medications

All these things can trigger inflammation of the foreskin. So there are two steps to fix a tight foreskin:

  • firsty - stop the inflammation with either a steroid ointment or a foreskin stretching cream 
  • secondly - once the inflammation is abated, then use gentle, even, regular pressure over a large area of skin.


This technique has been shown to effectively and safely fix a tight foreskin. Visit the page How Does Skin Stretch for more information on how to fix a tight foreskin.


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