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How Does Foreskin Stretch?

How Does The Foreskin Stretch to Loosen a Tight Foreskin ???


Skin cells are joined together by “tight junctions” between the skin cells. The cells adhere to one another at these tight junctions. When skins cells are damaged or stressed, inflammation occurs that usually causes skin cells to tighten further. Skin cells can be damaged or traumatised by skin retractors, stretching too hard or too fast, and even bruising from physical activity.

how does novoglan work to loosen tight foreskin | phimosis


Skins cells that are not stressed or damaged, can have a load pressed across a wide spectrum of cells and these cells will slowly grow in number. This only occurs when there is no inflammation. This works by the loosening of the tight junctions between the skin cells  and new skins cells growing or proliferating between these existing cells.

how does growing skin cells loosen a tight foreskinInsertion of the NOVOGLAN Balloon (blue area) stimulates the growth of new skin cells and increases the circumference of the foreskin, allowing it to retract properly. You can see in this illustration that the total number of skin cells increases.


In the case of phimosis, we are often talking about the need for only a few millimetres increase of circumference to get good results for most men.  Skin can be stretched extensively as witnessed in pregnancy, obesity or indigenous tribal skin stretching rituals of ear lobes, lips, etc.

Skin will suffer trauma if it is stretched too fast or if sharp implements are used. Too much pressure too fast over a small surface will create tears and this trauma leads to inflammation.

When using steel skin retractors, the skin in the short term may look stretched, but it is almost certainly going to tighten up and cause further problems. Micro tears and cuts as well as inflammation means that the tight junctions will tighten and the skin circumference will decrease. DO NOT USE Steel skin retractors. Do not expect results in days - you will harm your foreskin. It takes a couple of weeks for most men to get a lasting level of effective stretching.

Novoglan uses the scientifically supported skin stretching technique

NOVOGLAN is a simple procedure that is based on solid medical and scientific skin stretching techniques. The key to a good stretch is gentle, even, regular pressure across the whole foreskin. The longer period of time you stretch for, the more your skin will stretch. Most men only need a couple of weeks. A small percentage of men will need longer. 

Now that you know how skin stretches and that you need a couple of weeks, why not take advantage of our free shipping and 100% money back guarantee and order your Complete Foreskin Care Package today. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions.