Tight Foreskin - To circumcise or stretch??? That is the question...

Posted by Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher

10th Aug 2016

Do you have a tight foreskin | phimosis?

Are you weighing up treatment options?

Many men suffer from a tight foreskin.

It is a common problem but it is one that is usually easily treated.

For most of human history religious leaders thought that the foreskin was the cause of sin and health issues.

Did your know that for most of human history the foreskin was brutally cut from the penis and the practice was ritualized to make it feel normal.

Modern science now understands the role of the foreskin and how to treat any problems that arise during a mans life. The foreskin is to the glans penis much like the eye lid is to the eye. It keeps the eye moist and protects the sensitive skin. The foreskin, however, also plays a critical role in human sexual arousal and orgasm. The foreskin is a natural lubricant that prevents both the vagina and the glans penis from abrasion and tears. It also makes the orgasm 10,000 times more pleasurable*.

The number one comment made by adult men who have been circumcised as an adult is essentially this... "Since I lost my foreskin I no longer feel much when I orgasm and both my partner and I get sore when we have sexual intercourse now". Whilst we'd love to help you by getting you to agree to buy our Novoglan product, we really don't mind what you do so long as you do everything humanly possible to avoid circumcision. 

Our Vision is this : An Intact World & Healthy Foreskin for all Men.

Our Mission is this: Helping Men Keep & Maintain a Healthy Foreskin.

So, first and foremost, we want you to understand that the brutal act of circumcision - the surgical removal of the foreskin, should only ever be treatment of urgent last resort. Secondly, you need to treat your foreskin like your eyelids, don't put harmful chemicals on it and treat it with great care and respect. Thirdly, if you have a tight foreskin, then have a look at Novoglan. Our Approach is Scientifically proven and the stretching technique has been developed and established by surgeons to stretch skin. The Novoglan gentle foreskin stretching technique is patented and sold all over the world as a Class 1A medical device.

Just register at our website and you can be on your way to treating your tight foreskin in the privacy of your own home with a 365 day money back guarantee. You deserve to have a healthy normal working foreskin and you can get that today with Novoglan. http://store.platigosolutions.com/products