Rowan's Phimosis Treatment Journey

Rowan's Phimosis Treatment Journey

Posted by Phimosis Treatment Customer Rowan

13th May 2019

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My name is Rowan and I have submitted this journal entry to Novoglan to publish on their Blog about my Phimosis Journey. 

I am 26 years old and had suffered from Phimosis since the age of 21. It was a curse and it had a very bad impact on my state of mind, mood and relationships.  

My local Doctor only sees a few patients a year with phimosis and he refers them to a Urologist in the city. I went to the Urologist and was told that the only course of action was circumcision. Initially I thought this was the answer. I went home and started reading about circumcision and soon discovered that the treatment could be worse than the condition. 

Over the years between age of 21 and 23 I finally ended up seeing a Dermatologist who diagnosed Phimosis with Lichen Sclerosis (an autoimmune disease of the skin). I would occasionally have to have steroid treatment and that generally worked. However, by the time I reached 25 my phimosis gradually tightened to the point I only had a pin hole opening. 

The Dermatologist told me that there was some promising techniques to stretch the foreskin gently over time that could help me. I did my own research and found the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher kit. I contacted the company and spoke to a very helpful and knowledgeable person about my history and current situation. He pointed me to the Novoglan Kit. He reassured me that it is very effective when used as instructed and if my Lichen Sclerosis was under control (which it was). I was also reassured by the 100% Money back guarantee. It was no risk for me to try this Novoglan Phimosis treatment. 

The process was painless, I ordered the Novoglan Kit online at their store and paid by credit card. The shipping was free and the parcel arrived at my door. The parcel was a white box without any logos or marks that could identify the product. My privacy was important as I live in an apartment and didn't want other people to know my business. That was a big plus for me that they understand the need for privacy. 

So how did my treatment go? Well my Dermatologist checked my lichen sclerosis was under control and so I started using the Novoglan device. It took me about 10 minutes to work out exactly what needed to be done, but with hindsight it is very clever the way they have made it and ship it. I should have read the instructions first as they are very clear and concise. Using the device takes a couple of goes to get the technique right, however, once you get it under the foreskin and close the tap, the device does stay in and does stretch. There is no pain, just a very mild tingling when you reach a good amount of pressure. 


I started to see results after a few days. I used the device once per day for around 20 to 30 minutes. It is handy as it stayed in place for me when I walked around the house. But you can just put it in and watch Netflix or You tube or what ever. However, It took me around 6 weeks to get full working of my foreskin. My Dermatologist told me that slow is better and that my results were excellent. My dermatologist encouraged me to keep stretching for another 4 weeks and I did that. 

Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher Phimosis Treatment

My phimosis is treated and I am very pleased with the outcome. It only cost me $89.90 ($USD) for the standard kit. So my case is complicated because of Lichen Sclerosis and Phimosis, however, I have been online trying to help other men with Phimosis and most don't have LS so they can just go straight online and get The Novoglan Phimosis Treatment. 

As for my Review Scores, I provide the following:

  1. Review for Novoglan Customer Service ***** 5 stars
  2. Review for Novoglan Shipping Service ***** 5 stars
  3. Review for Novoglan Product ***** 5 stars
  4. Review for Website *** 3 stars (they need to make it easier to use). 

I gave an Overall Google Review of Novoglan as a Company ***** 4.9 stars. 

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I am more than happy to recommend Novoglan to anyone with Phimosis and also recommend that if you think you have LS or an infection, see your Doctor first. However, don't go for surgery as a first choice, unless your doctor says it is urgent and you definitely need surgery. 

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The problems with Circumcision as I understand from chatting online with men that had an adult circumcision are:

1) significant loss of sensation during sex (less pleasure)

2) difficult to get sensation through a condom and thus loss of pleasure / stimulation

3) scarring and dis-figuration - ugly looking (scares some partners off)

4) pain during intercourse for both man and partner

5) some on going discomfort

6) psychological issues - loss of an important part of the man

7) general sense of loss 

8) unhappy with outcome

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I have no conflict of interest with Novoglan and I am more than happy to vouch for the Novoglan team  on the basis of my interactions with their website, staff and use of their product. It has been a very good experience for me. 

I am 26 years old now and my Phimosis is treated and I have a great relationship with my partner. The fact that I didn't surgery and have remained foreskin intact has been a huge and positive outcome for me.  I strongly recommend Novoglan Phimosis treatment to get your foreskin loose and functioning normal. 

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Rowan (Last name withheld) 

Notes: Phimosis and Lichen Sclerosis can only be diagnosed by a competent healthcare professional. Novoglan is indicated for the treatment of phimosis and the preferential loosening of the foreskin. The price of Novoglan may vary from country to country due to exchange rate fluctuations and other factors.