Male circumcision and sexual disfunction in men and women. Circumcision can also hurt you partner.

Posted by Novoglan Science Team

26th Jul 2021

Many people send us questions about the impact of circumcision on sexual function. One of the reasons Novoglan was developed to offer men  a non surgical option for the treatment of phimosis and avoid all of the problems associated with circumcision. Most men with phimosis can be effectively treated with the Novoglan foreskin stretcher. 

The sexual problems caused by circumcision

Today our clinical science team reviewed an important study on the topic and results revealed that circumcision not only has negative impacts on the man, but also on their partner. 

The background to this large study is that one-third of the world’s men are circumcised, however, there is limited  information revealing the extent of  negative sexual consequences of living without a foreskin.  Denmark has a very low rate of adult men reported as being  at ~5%.  The scientists examined  sexual issues associated with circumcision.

A country wide survey in Denmark received 5552 responses from men and women who supplied information about their own (men) or their partners (women) circumcision status and details about their sex lives. A common and well understood statistical analysis allowed the scientists to measure circumcision status in association with sexual experiences, problems with sexual desire, sexual needs fulfilment and sexual functioning.

The reported results are very interesting and provide important information about the negative consequences of circumcision.  The average age of  first sexual intercourse, perceived importance of a good sex life and current sexual activity varied little between circumcised and uncircumcised  males or between females  with circumcised and uncircumcised partners. 

A circumcised penis

Statistical analysis strongly supports the following results.

Circumcision was strongly associated with the following problems compared to uncircumcised men:

  1. general sexual disfunction
  2. sexual difficulties with sexual partners
  3. orgasm and ejaculation problems
  4. dyspareunia (pain on sexual intercourse)
  5. not meting sexual needs of partner
  6. delayed ejaculation 
  7. poorer sexual satisfaction

The analysis also adjusted for those respondents who were Jewish and Muslim.

The scientists concluded that circumcision was strongly associated with persistent sexual difficulties, dyspareunia and a sense of incomplete and unsatisfactory sexual needs fulfilment. 

Our view is that as a result of studies like the one discussed above there is a clear need for medicolegal and ethical consideration being given to the use of Novoglan Foreskin Tissue Expander (foreskin stretching kit) should be prescribed as a first line non surgical treatment for adult phimosis. Given the increased risk of sexual problems arising from circumcision, and the excellent safety profile of the Novoglan product, the non surgical option should be offered to every men so they can weigh up the benefits of each treatment verses the risk of surgery. 

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