Why Novoglan

Why Use Novoglan?


Novoglan is a powerful, painless and persistent Phimosis treatment and Novoglan is  the most trusted brand for phimosis treatment.  Novoglan operates under strict Australia consumer laws and is manufactured to surpass the high standards required by medical device regulators across the globe.  Novoglan has been on the market for 14 years and is sold in over 70 countries.   The key to Novoglan’s success is our patented balloon technology which delivers the right amount of pressure and stretch across the foreskin. 

Novoglan now comes with the revolutionary squeeze bulb system that makes foreskin stretching easy to do at home.


In recent years, several companies have tried to copy Novoglan.  However, no Novoglan competitor uses our superior patented balloon stretching technology which allows the user to control stretching to the most comfortable levels.  Quite simply, Novoglan remains the stand out, Number 1 phimosis treatment device.  The following table shows you why Novoglan is the only choice:  




Exactly Why does Novoglan’s Balloon Stretching Work Best?

Everyone knows your skin can be stretched.  Skin stretching naturally occurs during pregnancy and weight gain.  Additionally, balloon stretching is used in many different medical procedures.  The trick is to stretch skin in the optimal way.  To achieve the best stretching you must be gentle and avoid anything that causes inflammation.  


Novoglan’s balloon based stretching is ideal because the stretch is achieved by gently inflating a soft balloon.  The user is in complete control and inflates the balloon to a comfortable level. 

The Novoglan balloon technology has a significant advantage because of the inherent gentle pressure that a soft balloon can apply.   


Competing products, available over the internet, typically use rings, tubes, tunnels or re-tractors to stretch skin.  In Novoglan’s estimation, some of these products would benefit from further research because they are more rigid devices which by there nature will typically:  

=>      be less gentle;

=>      can be harder to insert especially in narrow “pin-hole” type phimosis

=>      in some circumstances, may increase the risk of inflammation.


Making the Right Choice


If you are buying a foreskin stretching device over the internet, at a minimum, you must ensure that the device:

#      is sold from a country with high standard of medical device regulation (Australia for Novoglan);

#      displays appropriate regulatory compliance standards 

#      is a medically researched invention designed specifically for phimosis treatment as evidenced by global patient numbers (e.g. Novoglan has multiple international patients);

#      is clearly designed to apply a very gentle even stretch and is easy to use (e.g. Novoglan uses market leader balloon based Technology). 


Novoglan - Powerful, painless and persistent phimosis treatment!